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Joao Sousa: “I’m happy to play in St.Petersburg again”

Joao Sousa beat Josef Kovalik on Wednesday, September 18th, in the first round of St.Petersburg Open (6:2, 6:3). He explained why he loved to play in St.Petersburg that much.


– You’ve come to St.Petersburg for the sixth time, fifth time in a row. Do you really like this tournament?


– Yes, it’s a tournament I like to play. I’ve been here many times, I made one final and I have great memories of playing here. Actually I also have some friends living here in St.Petersburg. It’s great to be back. I’ll try to play my best tennis. Today was a good day. I played a great match and I am happy to be here.


– Your friends who are living here are from Portugal?

– They actually were. Do you know Danni who played for Zenith and live in St. Petersburg for many years? It was great support from him. Unfortunately he’s had to leave the club and the country. And I don’t have his support here, but I have it at home.


– Were you happy to receive the prize “For Unparalleled Loyalty” at the players’ party?

–  Yeah, of course. It’s an honor for me to receive that prize. It’s such a great tournament for me and I’m happy to be here once again and trying to enjoy as much as I can.


– You were in the finals here in St.Petersburg, was also in the semifinals. How far do you want to go this year?

–  I’m trying to play good tennis, to show good level. Hopefully I’ll keep playing well and can have a great result.


– You came here from Minsk where you played Davis Cup. Was it difficult for you to switch from team event to ATP tournament?

– It’s always tough. The conditions there were a little bit different. But I was able to handle it very well.


– You are often arguing with umpires. And today too…

– Wait. I was not arguing. I just have a different opinion about the ball. I was just speaking to him, wanted to understand his reasons.


– Does it help you to play better when you talk to somebody – the umpire or somebody from your team?

– I did it not because of it. Just for clarification.

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