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ATP gives the green light for the jubilee St. Petersburg Open 2020 to be held!

14.08.2020, 16:11 #HOT #News #Best

According to the updated official ATP calendar released on Friday, August 7, the 25th edition of St. Petersburg Open will be held in St. Petersburg on October 12-18 at the SIBUR ARENA stadium with the organizers managing to upgrade the tournament category from ATP 250 to ATP 500

«We are thankful to the AТР as its board along with the players justly appreciated the level and quality of our tournament – so much so that in honor of its 25th jubilee edition we were granted the right to hold the St. Petersburg Open 2020 edition in the status of an АТР 500 series event,- says St. Petersburg Open director general Alexander Medvedev.- Thus the tournament licensor Mikhail Mirilashvili kept his word and our common dream came true: in the year of its 25th anniversary the tournament St. Petersburg Open upgraded its category. This decision was partially made possible by the substantial success Russia achieved in curbing the coronavirus pandemic which led to the lifting of major restrictions thus enabling us to hold such a large-scale, prestigious and popular event as the St. Petersburg Open. We are convinced: today it is of primordial importance that such representative international tournament will be held in Russia which was one of the first to cope with the current challenges thus making it possible for us to host the much-loved tournament for the 25th time. St. Petersburg Open 2020 is sure to become a major milestone on the world tennis return to normalcy”.

“Today our main task is to capitalize on our successful expertise of holding the previous editions of our tournament, already named best based on an independent players’ vote, in order to hold the 25th jubilee event in a worthy fashion on the highest possible level to confirm the high reputation our competition enjoys, – noted Natalia Kamelzon , executive director of St. Petersburg Open 2020, CEO of the company “Formula T-Hockey”, the tournament organizer. – We will do our utmost to make sure both the players and the whole ATP team feel comfortable, to let the crowd enjoy a bright show and to guarantee the safety and health of all – the participants, the guests, the organizing team and the fans. More detailed information related to the specifics of this year tournament regulations will be released in due course. For now let’s congratulate ourselves on this ATP positive decision welcoming the return of world level tennis to Russia’s Northern capital”.

Thus the main motto of St. Petersburg Open 2020 remains unchanged – “We are unstoppable!” and “It’s tennis time!”

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