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29.10.2021, 19:21 #Interview #News
St. Petersburg Open 2021 semifinalist Jan-Lennard Struff from Germany answered informal questions and participated in a quiz at the tournament in St. Petersburg. 
If during the official post-match press conference the 31-year-old tennis player from Germany was rather serious and restrained without allowing himself to show even the shade of a smile on his face, when he came to theTennis Talk – the informal meet to speak with fans – the tennis player transformed. He shared his impressions from St. Petersburg’s beauty. Last time he visited the Northern capital of Russia he climbed the Isaac’s Cathedral colonnade. This time he just walked around the city. Jan-Lennard mentioned he knew some standard Russian words like ‘hi’ and ‘thank you’ but already had bought an ear-flapped hat. Also, he added he is thinking to bring a nested doll (matryoshka) as a souvenir.
Alexander Sobkin, the host of the event, asked him to share a funny story from his childhood.  ‘Struffy’ (as he is named on Tour) remembered how he climbed a high tree and having fun, showing his mother how he is hanging on the tree but then he fell down directly to a prickly bush.  Perhaps, that is the reason why among all the superpowers Jan-Lennard would prefer to fly or to move through space on a flick. 
As it is the Halloween eve right now, the Tennis Talk host asked what costume the tennis player would like to put on. The sportsman chose Joker.  «Yeah, I like Joker», – he said. 
At last, the organizers decided to challenge his visual memory.  They showed him several pictures from Instagram of the tournament’s participants and they hid their silhouettes. It wasn’t easy for Struff to guess who is in the picture and it means he doesn’t waste his time on  social media and prefers to spend time on the court and with his family.

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