October 24-31, SIBUR ARENA #tennisagainstcoronavirus

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27.10.2021, 21:28 #Interview #News #Best

On October 27, in the spectator area of ​​the SIBUR ARENA sports complex, a Tennis Talk meeting was held with the Russian №3 player and the world’s №19, Aslan Karatsev. The host of the event Alexander Sobkin congratulated the tennis player on the Kremlin Cup title won by Aslan last week in Moscow, and began with questions about career plans. Aslan shared his goal in tennis to participate in the ATP Final Tournament, and he noted that he is doing everything he can to achieve this ambitious goal. Karatsev admitted that the most difficult match of his career was the fight against Novak Djokovic in Belgrade, after which the Russian was left completely exhausted. Talking about cherished dreams, Aslan expressed the hope that he would be able to measure with Roger Federer, and someday win a Grand Slam. During an open press conference, viewers also learned that if Karatsev had to choose a sport other than tennis, he would have chosen football and would have been forward.

After the informal conversation, Alexander Sobkin moved on to the interactive part of the Tennis Talk. As Aslan won a silver medal at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, the first test was a quiz, where the tennis player had to determine if the named sport is played at the Olympics. Aslan easily figured out all the sports disciplines that are represented at the Olympic Games. As in yesterday’s conversation with the Spanish tennis player, Aslan had to guess what events took place on his birthday – September 4th. Such a test of Aslan’s knowledge also didn’t cause him any difficulties. But in the lastcontest, where the tennis player was asked to turn on his imagination and assume what was drawn and hidden in the tennis photographs, Aslan had to work harder. Having brilliantly coped with all the tasks of the open press conference, Aslan thanked all the spectators for their participation.

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