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31.10.2021, 21:07 #News #Best

What happened at 3-1 in the second set and then what happened at 4-4 in the last set? You seemed to be pretty much in control of this clash?

Unfortunately for me to day the one thing that was not really working for me was my serve. So when I get in these situations usually especially that 3-1 on the break I can always just rely on my serve and it was not there. And I did not play that aggressive tennis that I am playing most of the week. He played some good points and I just did not make it happen.

Can we say that you lost the match not that Cilic won it?

I think Marin played a couple very good points at 4/4 to break me. I made 7 first serves that game, didn’t miss a first serve that game. He was up break point, obviously.  I double-faulted on break point, but at least I didn’t hit it, I wasn’t scared, I went after my second serve and I barely missed it. He returned very well during that game. But aside from that I had a lot of break point chances and I played them too much not to lose and I didn’t play them to win. It’s was like in a saying we have: “You need to play to win, not to play to not lose”.

On break points you lost couple of games dropping serves by making double faults. Was there an opportunity to maybe serve a little bit differently, like more conservatively and not making those double faults? Did you feel nervous on the key points, because you haven’t played many finals lately?

I think the seconds if any, I needed to go after them more, I think I needed to be more aggressive with them. Like I said, it’s just kind of one of those days, when the serve wasn’t working for me, so it’s tough to have the same confidence that I had all week, when the shot today wasn’t really working for me. But if I could do it again, I would go after them even more than today. I would trust myself more and not hit it being scared to miss.

And then on a lot of big points it was tough for me to kind of know how to play them, because a lot of the times, when I got the chances to break him and a lot of the times, when I won big points, he was from me missing. I didn’t want to give the chances away, I wanted to make him earn it, because I felt like he was missing and making errors on a lot of important points. Maybe I played big points too safe – it’s obviously not my style, but I just didn’t want to give him free points. In the end a lot of those break point in the third set were there, because I made balls and he just hit them very well.

Obviously it feels sad to lose in the finals, but overall what are you going to take home from this week you’ve spent in Saint Petersburg?

A lot of it depends on how I bounce back next week, but if I can play the tennis that I was playing up until the final, then I can take a lot of positive things this week. The way I felt from my first round through I was playing very aggressive, hitting the ball big, feeling very confident, and showing fearless tennis that I want to play – I know that all is going to take me on the top of the game, if I keep doing it. Hopefully I bounce back next week and go straight back to that, don’t play more of tight matches like today in the final. Obviously it’s a very good week for me and I played an amazing tennis the whole week – it’s a positive thing.

Will you come to St. Petersburg next year?

I really enjoyed this week in St. Petersburg. I’m not sure, where it’s going to fall the calendar next year, but if it something that makes sense in terms of my calendar, I would love to come back. Obviously, I really like it here and I played well this week, so I’d really like to come back, if it fits into the schedule for me.

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