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Stan Wawrinka: “I am disappointed because i could have won this match”

22.09.2018, 07:23 #News

– Everything worked fine for you in the first set. What happened in the second one? Maybe he raised his game or it is just that you slowed down a bit?

– It was a tough match for sure. I started well with a break directly. So, I got the confidence from that to lead in the first set. I was moving well and was aggressive on my serves. In the second set I had an opportunity to break, but I didn’t play well. I made two quick mistakes and Klizan got much more confident. And then it started being difficult for me to keep up. He started playing aggressively and dictated the game himself.

– Are you happy overall with your performance at the St. Petersburg Open 2018?

– Right now, I am disappointed and sad because of the loss, for sure. I lost in the semifinals, I was so close to the final. I am disappointed with today’s match and today’s result. But I think in general it was a good tournament. I won some really good matches. Today I demonstrated a good performance. The performance during the week was good and my results are positive.

– It seemed like you were having problems with moving on the court well enough in the third set. So, did you have any physical problems?

– No, there are no physical problems. I just played a bit slower. It is the end of the week, so maybe I played less active in general. There are no physical problems, I repeat. I think, it was also a good game from Klizan. He was mixing up the speed of the shots. I was hesitating before his every shot because I didn’t know exactly what he was going to do. So that is why it looked sometimes that I am moving slow.

– The season is nearing its end. So how would you evaluate your season overall? And what are your plans for the near future?

– The season is not over yet. I came back from an injury. I am still planning on playing some games in the near future. I am going to keep pushing myself in training and practicing. If it is possible I want to win more matches. We will see how I will finish this season.

– Do you plan to come back next year to St. Petersburg or you don’t know yet?

– I don’t know yet, I hope so. Sure, I would like to. It is the tournament I enjoy. The city is beautiful, people are taking care of the tournament. They are doing a great job to welcome players here. They make you feel great here. We will see. I have just finished my path here, now I am going to focus on the end of the year. I want to get back to a good ranking.


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