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13.10.2020, 01:01 #News #Best

Stan Wawrinka talked to the press right after beating the Briton Daniel Evans in his opening match at St. Petersburg Open 2020.

Stan, can you explain to us – whatever happenеd in the third set? You were 5/2 up and  prior to that you saved a triple match-point and you seemed to be pretty much in control of the match. Whatever happened there?

In general I’m happy with the fight and with the victory. I saved the matchpoints and started to play much better in the tie-break. When I served for the match I didn’t served well. I made some mistakes quite early and I had a bad game.

– Stan, do you remember if you ever saved triple matchpoints before. When was it?

– I do not remember to be honest. I did save matchpoints, but I do not remember about triple match point.

– The question is about your upcoming match against Evgeny Donskoy. As far as I remember you have never played against Evgeny before. What do you think about the upcoming match.

– It’s going to be an interesting match. He is a great player. He plays well. I watched his match that was before mine. He likes the conditions here, so its going to be interesting, but I need to focus on myself, to be focused on what I am doing.

– Maybe this is what stopped you from winning the first set because of watching a bit that match of Donskoy? That was why you couldn’t show your best tennis in the first set against Daniel Evans?

– Maybe you know better than me. I don’t know. I had to watch it because I was playing after his match, so I had to watch to understand when the match is going to finish. They had a tough match. I was watching while I was warming up. We all do the same.

– It seems that you are not as confident as you used to be 5 years ago, maybe today’s win will help you to regain the confidence you had back then five years ago?

– Five years ago is really long time ago. Of course, 5 years ago was 2015 I was number 3 in the word winning one Slam. So, for sure it is a different moment of my career. But again, I am happy to be here and to win my first match. I am playing well in general, so let’s see what’s gonna happen.


– You chose not to go to America to better prepare for the European part of the season. Do you feel this decision worked for you today and you are fresher?

– It was my personal choice not to go to America even if I wanted to go. It was a tough moment and tough condition to play there. So, I am happy to be here to be able to play in front of people. It was just a personal choice not to come to America after being in lockdown.

– You have been playing on the tour for 18 years. What is still motivating you to play and compete against the representatives of the younger generation?

– I love this game. I think we are lucky to play this game on that level. I always get the motivation to play in front of people to get their emotions to play in front of fans. For sure, now it is not the best moment because the world is in tough position. But again, I love the process and I love what tennis brings me. And I can have some big results before I stop playing.

– At this point of the season with everything that’s happening, are you thinking of qualifying for London? Because right now you are still in a position to do so.

– No, I think I’m really far away from it. There are more tournaments to be played, there are a lot of points to be taken, but I’m not thinking about London. I’m not thinking about that, I’m thinking about getting back. I am thinking about winning matches, to get back the confidence in matches, hopefully, to play many matches before the end of the season to get ready for the next season. I’m focusing on what I’m doing day by day.

– You had a tough match against Hugo Gaston on clay (during Roland-Garros 2020). How do you prepare in order to adjust from playing on clay to indoor?  

– I quickly started to practice indoors with a good week for that to get ready. I arrived early here, so I’m getting ready for indoors. I think this year we are lucky to still have so many tournaments with what’s happening. It’s a good chance to be playing here in St. Petersburg in front of some crowd. I’m happy to be here. I came early to get ready and I’m happy with the victory tonight.

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