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Kids’ clinics with Dinara Safina and Mikhail Youzhny

On September 21 at St. Petersburg Open 2019 the kids’ clinics with Dinara Safina and Mikhail Youzhny, two Russian tennis stars, was held on the Court 1 at the athletics stadium situated right next to “SIBUR ARENA”. As there were a lot of young tennis players they were divided into two teams, one was supervised by Mikhail, the other  one – by Dinara.
During the warm-up kids were playing a game called “snowballs”, they enjoyed it a lot and tried themselves as a team. The clinic was held in the format of a game: kids were learning how to work with a racket and a ball; they studied how to play tennis. There were two 20-minute half-times almost like in a football match. There were five players in each team and they played against each other in one-minute rallies. All the participants were fighting for the Cup of St. Petersburg Open which will be awarded to the champion every year. The official mascots of the tournament – Lev and Laina – brought the main trophy on the court.
At the very beginning the score was even because everyone was getting used to the court and game but in several minutes it became more intense, everyone was playing with excitement. By the end of the match the main referee of the kids’ tournament offered to determine the winner in the deciding rally Dinara Safina v. Mikhail Youzhny. Dinara’s ball went long, so Mikhail’s team was leading. In the second half-time Dinara’s team made more errors – kids started to worry about the result. And finally Youzhny’s team won 102:87. Parents who watched the match, they were supporting their kids really well and everyone was happy to be offered a chance to play with famous tennis players.

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