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Kisel for Borna Coric

The fourth Open Talk took place at SIBUR ARENA on September 20. The Croat Borna Coric became its main guest. The tennis player said it’s the first time he takes part in such kind of informal presser with tennis fans and he was excited and curious about it.

There were two fun quizzes prepared for the tennis player at the very begging of the meeting. He was to guess the meaning of Russian words and some of the words used in St. Petersburg locally. Now Borna knows at least three Russian drinks: “kvas”, “kisel” (Russian jelly-like soft drink)  and “ryazhenka” (fermented baked milk).

In the second quiz Borna was to guess the famous athletes from different countries whose faces were made older with Face app. The Croat cope with guessing his compatriots pretty well but struggled to guess the names of the Russian ones.

After that spectators asked their questions and most of them were interested in football. For example, spectators would wonder what football club Coric supports or whether he was following matches of his national team at the World Cup 2018, especially Russia v. Croatia.  Borna said he is not supporting any football club and doesn’t watch football matches too often. But then he supports the Croatian football team. He did want to come to the World Cup quarterfinals to Russia but was busy practicing. And after the Croats won he took to the street to celebrate.  Coric said he has good relations with other Croatian athletes. They don’t get to meet too often but when it happens, he is very happy.

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