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18.09.2018, 03:09 #News

– Evgeny, you’ve had such a good start as you were up  4/0. What went wrong later?

– What went wrong? Weell, everything just started to get worse. I played a bad game at 4/0, I had to retuen better his 2nd serve. The score could be 5/0, and it could have been a different story. At 4/1 I just played poorly some dropshots and he made passing shots. My wrong decisions gave him a confidence. And I missed it, and he got it right. And he started to play better, and me – very badly.

– You spent the whole week in Moscow. Could you, please, compare the courts here and there?

– There is more difference in terms of balls. Here they are very fast, high speed. But I like this surface. I like the combination of such surface and such balls. The conditions suit me, but it was one of my worst matches throughout the whole season.

– As for today, it seemed like you had problems with tactics and sometimes you didn’t know what to do. Is it right?

–  You shouldn’t allow  players like Martin Klizanto to rebound . When you’re 4/0 up, you should continue to play the same game. Some decisions were wrong, and as for tactics, I can’t say that it was wrong. I tried to play aggressively, just didn’t feel the ball. Then I started to feel the tempo. At 4/5 in the 2nd set I feel that there are some dropshots. He didn’t make any winners, he was just trying to keep the ball in play as he saw that I didn’t feel the ball. I tried to play aggressively twice, made errors, and that was it for me.

– It was your worst matc, as you said, but still, how do you rate this season?

– That’s why I’m disappointed. I have the game, and this season was kind of consistent for me. There weren’t many ups and downs this year. There were some bad matches, like on grass in three tournaments in a row, but there weren’t easy draws there. If we speak about clay court season, I played well in Madrid, then Rome and Roland Garros weren’t so good. But still – a consistent season on the whole, I think it was the first time that I played Masters and Grand Slams being in the Top100. It’s not too high, but still I didn’t play any challenger this year. I didn’t have to score any point at Challengers, and I’m happy about it. There were some things that annoyed me, though. There were 3 QF this season and I played all of them badly. Fitness was not a factor, but still for some reason I can’t stay energized throughout the whole tournament, and am craving for a title. I think its all in my head.

– You will play with Karen Khachanov in doubles at St. Petersburg Open. Did you practice together?

– We don’t practice in doubles any time. We used to do it but not with Karen because we knew that there is no chance to play together in Davis Cup. There were chances of another duo. We mostly play singles, but still there will be no big difference, if we practice once or twice.

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