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Egor Gerasimov: “I want to break into Top-100”

Egor Gerasimov from Belarus moved into the main draw after his win over the Russian Roman Safiullin – 7/5, 6/7 (4:7), 6/4 in 2 hours 21 minute. He’ll play against the Сzech Lukas Rosol in the first round.


-Was it a tough match?

-I would say, weird. I was fighting with myself. I was nervous because I wanted to win.

-Didn’t you think that even if you’d lose you could be in the main draw anyway as a lucky loser?

-Tried not to think about it. I’m not that lucky in such cases.

-You came to St. Petersburg from Minsk where the Belorussian team was playing that Davis Cup tie against Portugal and you earned two points. Was it difficult to switch to another tournament?

-It was easy. I’ve just played matches everyday like I do it at the tournaments. And I’ve known that have this tournament ahead. It was the same last year – we came to St. Petersburg from Moscow where we played Davis Cup against Russia.

-Some players are exhausted after Davis Cup, others are inspired. What type are you?

-Now when Davis Cup ties are shorter, it helps me a lot. Now you aren’t as tired after Davis Cup ties anymore and you can go and compete again.

-Do you consider St. Petersburg and Moscow as home tournaments for you?

-Honestly, I do. There are three tournaments on the week when Kremlin Cup is held, but I always choose Moscow without any doubts. Also because of my wife is from Moscow.

-You qualified for the US Open main draw and you are on a career high position in ATP rankings. Do you feel like you play your best tennis right now?

-Absolutely. Now I have good results. Especially at the US Open and in Davis Cup. But I believe it’s just a start for me.

-The health issues you’ve had in the past don’t bother you anymore ?

-Everything about my back is good now. I always pay attention to it. I do a lot of work and exercisers to stay healthy.

-What are your goals ranking-wise for the rest of the season?

– I want to break into the Top100 this year. Hope I can go far here in St. Petersburg, score more ranking points and jump higher.

-How do you like your fellow qualifier Lukas Rosol as a first round opponent?

-I don’t really know other options. Donskoy? Rublev? Obviously to play Rosol is better than Rublev on his home courts. We’ve played with Lukas about five times and it always was tough. Never easy. He is a good player. He has ATP titles behind him and he was in the Top50. It’ll be a difficult match.

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