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The road to tennis is opened to everyone!

17.09.2018, 02:34 #News

The Tennis Day was held today, September 16, in Primorskiy Victory Park. It was organized on the eve of the XXIII International tennis tournament St. Petersburg Open 2018 by ‘Formula Tennis – Hockey’ company who staged this event to bring people closer to that fascinating and spectacular sport. The motto of the day was “Be Open” and it will write one of the brightest pages in the history of tennis tournaments.


It’s interesting to note that there were a lot of kids on indoor courts as they proved the most active participants. All these boys and girls are not tennis kids from St. Petersburg’s tennis schools and clubs but rather ordinary visitors of the park. Yet today the usual roller coasters took a back seat as the attention switched to the beautiful and bright court which is not usual seen in the park on Krestovskiy Island. Famous tennis mascots Lev and Laina also took part in this event entertaining young athletes, kids and parents. Tennis lions were dancing in their new beautiful costumes to the music beat. ‘Tennis dolls’, the cheerleading dancing, crew became the headliners of the ‘Tennis Day’.


The Tennis Day program was varied and exciting as it included quizzes and quests, tennis clinics from the “Summer tennis school” different competitions, tennis relays and cardio tennis. No one got tired of such an ambitious program, everyone enjoyed their time in the park in the open air and joined in the competitions.


Wheelchair tennis players also participated in the Tennis Days as well as Polina Shakirova, the best tennis player in St. Petersburg, the first wheelchair player who was awarded the “Russian Cup” and the first Russian wheelchair tennis player to become world number one in juniors and participated in many international events. Darina Ivanova, a promising Russian tennis player and world № 24, and four juniors: Elena Valeeva, Maksim Kondratyev, Roman Makarov and Alexander Semenov coached by Norayra Melikova also joined in the event.

All the participants received presents withFormula Tennis-Hockey company, “Posidelkino” Cookies, the brand number one in Russia and “Svoboda” Cosmetics Company acting as the sponsors of the Tennis Day.


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