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28.10.2021, 20:06 #News #Best

The Ecology Day was held was held on Thursday, October 28, in the spectators’ area of ​​ SIBUR ARENA within the St. Petersburg Open 2021 with the support of the #YaBeregu project. From the very morning until the end of the matches, all visitors of SIBUR ARENA could take a picture as a souvenir, make a boomerang or a GIF using the #YaBeregu branded photo booth. All media created with photo booth was digital and could be received by downloading to the phone or by email. During the break between matches, spectators had the opportunity to participate in eco-quizzes, in which participants had to demonstrate not only their knowledge of recycling and environmental protection, but also answer tricky tennis questions. Followers of the #YaBeregu project account on Instagram (@ ya.beregu_) could also compete for the title of “The Best Eco Fan of St. Petersburg Open 2021”, taking part in the account’s story-activities during the day. The most active participants of today’s event received commemorative prizes completely made of recycled plastic, such as earrings, pens and folders for documents. The luckiest ones got T-shirts with autographs of tennis players of the St. Petersburg Open 2021.

We remind you that on the territory of SIBUR ARENA, there are containers for separate collection of five categories of waste: recyclable materials, mixed waste, personal protective equipment (masks and gloves), used tennis balls and towels. All collected materials are sent for recycling, and used masks and gloves are safely disposed by incineration at production facilities. For the second year in a row, the #YaBeregu project has been promoting environment protection at the international tennis tournaments in St. Petersburg and shows how, through the infrastructure of a large-scale sports event, to lay the idea of ​​separate collection and recycling.

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