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Damir Dzumhur: “If I am feeling good, I am not afraid of anybody”

19.09.2018, 03:41 #News

– You were down 0/3 in the first set struggling to find your range, in the second one you failed to serve for the match at your first attempt. How can you explain that, what were the difficulties?

– In the first set I was definitely nervous I didn’t play matches for a long time, even in that one at the US Open I was injured and I can’t say it was a real match for me. So since Toronto I was struggling a lot with the injury, I wasn’t able to play. I was practicing just the last seven days, so I think overall with everything I had in the last few months I felt good. Only the start was really-really bad. When I got my game back I got confidence that I had while I was practicing ni the last few days and I think I played really good. As to that serving frop the match when the score was 5/1 I was just rushing a little bit and I think it is normal sometimes to lose a focus after many good games.

– Could you, please, say few words about your next round opponent Guido Pella or Ilya Ivashka?

– Every match is different. Every match is tough in its way. Guida Pella is a tough opponent, he is a lefty and he is always dangerous and I know his game well. The thing is if I feel good (and I can say I am feeling really good here) then I am not afraid of playing anybody I just wanna feel good and have my confidence then my game is going to be good. So whoever is my opponent I will give my best and I will try to play good tennis and with good tennis I can show good results.

– You have a rather emotional behavior on the court regardless of whether you lose the point or win the point, that is your special way of relaxing? Does it really help you to be so emotional on the court?

– I tried during a few matches this year to play less nervously without pumping myself up so much. But if I am not pumping myself up, my game isn’t good enough. And I know I am not that type that can be calm for the whole match. The only thing that I have to do is to focus on those positivities to put negativities behind me. So it doesn’t matter whether I am nervous or not, I just to try to canalize the positive things the right way. I am that type and I don’t really change myself too much.

– What do you feel now that you are back in St. Petersburg, the city where you won your maiden title and followed that up with another title at Kremlin Cup. Looks like that Russia is a lucky country for you…

– Yeah. It is definitely looks like from last year Russia is my favorite country. Since last year I still have no defeat in Russia. I said when I came to St. Petersburg I feel something special here, I feel great. I mean, I love the city, I love this tournament and I said last year this is one of my favorite tournaments – it doesn’t matter what the result is going to be, I will always say the same. It is nice to be back where you won your first title, it’s a very special emotion, special feeling and I am just looking forward to having a great time here in St. Petersburg.

– We do know you starred as an actor, can you maybe compare tennis to one of the films , maybe not just the films where you starred, but any film or any film episode which could be likened to tennis?

– Well, I think in real life you have many situations that are connected to tennis. Maybe I wouldn’t say now which movie or which scene reminds of tennis. But I think that tennis is very connected to some real life things. In tennis you are always under the pressure, so you have to deal with it and the same happens in your day-to-day life: if you can deal with it – good, you are going to be happy, and if you can’t deal with it then you are not happy with yourself.

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