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Borna Coric: “I am a big fighter and I never give up”

It’s difficult to say that you are best friends with Joao Sousa, judging by your conflict at the end of the match. How often do you have situations like this? You didn’t say anything offending, but anyway there was a real tension between you two.

That’s pretty normal to have some misunderstandings during a tough match. We had small argument on the bench during the third set. We argued, which I think is normal to do in the fire of the game. Both of our heads were very hot. During the match you are very stressed. I think that’s really ok, and, to be honest, I don’t want to make a big deal about it.

You had bad luck in the first set, you were nervous, you even broke your racket and obviously you were very emotional. Do you need to show your emotions to play better or you need to stay calm, but this time just couldn’t restrain yourself?

First of all, I wouldn’t say that it was bad luck, because I don’t believe in too much luck. It’s just I didn’t play well on important points, and he did. He just played better in the first set and my game wasn’t good, that’s it.

I’ve noticed that at this tournament I’m a bit more stressed than usual, and I show more emotions on the court. In every match I was losing one set, in some of them I was also a break down. I just felt that I needed to take it out on the racket and that’s what I did. That’s not great, but sometimes it just happens. That’s about it. I don’t know the exact answer – whether I need to show them (emotions) or not, I just do whatever I feel I need to do.

How much are you excited about getting into the finals? What do you think about your next opponent? It’s seems like it’s going to be Daniil Medvedev.

Of course, I’m very excited. I haven’t played well during the last couple of months. Also I was injured. Obviously, it will give me extra confidence. For sure, it’s also very good that now in the last five or six tournaments I’m going to have this kind of matches behind me, which I didn’t have for the last 4 month. So that’s good. I think I played 3 very good matches, especially today, because I think I showed my best game since the French Open. I’m looking forward to the finals. I saw only the first set, which Medvedev won. It’s going to be a very interesting final match. He (Medvedev) had a great summer. Actually, he had an unbelievable summer! Not just great. I was watching him playing at the US Open a little bit. I’m just looking forward to it. I’m going to take some rest and maybe in the evening I’m going to study him a little bit as well.

Your head-to-head with Medvedev is 4:1 at the moment taking into, consideration the match at the Next Gen ATP. So what are your expectations from this meeting?

I don’t know, to be honest. Like I said before, he had a great summer, he played the most amazing tennis I’ve ever seen in last 24 months or so. Obviously, coming into the match he is the favorite, and I have nothing to lose. I’m also very happy to be a finalist. Coming here I didn’t know what to expect, I didn’t know how I’m going to feel, but I played very good tennis. I’ll try to do the same tomorrow. Obviously, I’ll try to do my best and we will see, what’s going to happen.

Talking about the (previous) US Open, you beat Medvedev there. Will you try to replay that match and try to find his weak points?

I won our last match, but it doesn’t mean anything, it was one year ago, even more. We are both very different players. I’ll try to win. Maybe I’ll watch that match that we played to see what I was doing good, what I was doing bad. That’s about it.

It’s all about your unbelievable spirit which is very difficult or maybe even impossible to break. During the last matches you were losing the first set, but you always managed to come back. Is it typical of you? And how do you manage to do that?

I was always a fighter since the very young age. I never give up. But I can’t say that I always manage to do that. In ATP series there are a lot of matches like that, which in a way are good, and sometimes not good. It would be nice to win in two sets as well. As I said earlier, I’m a big fighter, I believe in myself till the very end and I just never give up. Obviously, you also need some luck, but I just try to attract luck by playing well, by playing the right way and by doing what I need to do. That’s it.

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