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Borna Coric: “Now I’ll just enjoy my game”

Borna Coric won the second three-setter in a row – this time against Casper Ruud from Norway (3/6, 7/5, 6/3) and reached the semifinals of St. Petersburg Open 2019.

– The second match in a row you are showing your best tennis after your opponent broke back in the second set. How can you explain it?

– I don’t really have any explanation. I just hoped to stay in the match as long as I can. When my opponent makes a break, it’s not the best situation, but also in the back of my mind there were thoughts about yesterday. I was just saying to myself that I have to stay positive and play a little bit more aggressive I would say, go to the net what I basically did. I did some good shorts and it’d paid of.

– We’ve just known who’ll be your opponent in the semifinals. What are your expectations on the next match?

– I don’t have any expectations really. Obviously I’m looking forward to this match. I am also happy to be in the semifinasl. Coming here I didn’t know what to expect from myself. So now I’m just enjoying the moment. We played [with Sousa] in Halle in three sets when I injured myself, so now I hope just to stay alive.

– Your sister’s came with you here in St. Petersburg, but who in your biggest fan in your family?

– We all in my family are in great relationships; we speak everyday with each other. We support each other in our jobs and they support me with my tennis. We are all biggest fans.

– You were here in St. Petersburg four years ago, you were a newcomer on Tour. Everyone was waiting the breakthrough from you. Are you satisfied with the way your career was going since then? I read in a interview that you thought that you were playing too many tournaments when you were younger.

– Four or three years ago I played too many tournaments. I wasn’t points about my game but focused on rankings, points that I need. But when you are 19 years old you can make mistakes for sure. But I improved. Now I try to focus on my training more, I started to play differently; I’m trying to work on something. Definitely I make some mistakes – all of us make mistakes. But important is that I learned something. Now I’ll just enjoy my game.

– In your Instagram profile is written: “There is only one way to avoid criticism: do nothing, say nothing and be nothing”. Why is it so? Is it a message related to someone directly?

– No it isn’t addressed to someone. It’s just about privacy. Because back home when I was 17-18 years old people often told me when I went out that I’d better practice instead of it. It’s not the message to anyone. It’s in general. Maybe it’s time to change it.

– We all are humans. Is there some player whom you want to beat most of all because you don’t like him? Or maybe you have antipathy with some chair umpires?

– I don’t have disagreements with anybody among the players. I would like to win against Djokovic because I’ve never beat him. I didn’t take the set from him actually. It’s my wish obviously. I’m working. I also never won against Kukushkin. And what about umpires I’m in pretty good relationships with them. I see obviously some mistakes, but it is normal. I also can do on court something scare, not very great. It’s my mistakes. If somebody doesn’t see the ball, I can overreact sometimes, but it is normal things.

– You are going to Open Tennis Talk now. Do you often do such activities with fans? And do you know what to expect?

– No, I’ve never done these thins though I’m quite open. So it’ll be something new for me. I’m looking forward at it. It’ll be new experience.

– There will be a quiz…

– Oh, it’s very bad. Because I’m not very clever.


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