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Borna Coric: “Medvedev Found The Right Key To My Game”

– Yesterday Daniil Medvedev said he wants to find the right key to open your game and adopt his game to your game. Did he manage to do it?

– Obviously he did. He was doing better on court today. I think he did all the aspects better than me. I tried to do pretty much everything all the tactics, all I can think of. It didn’t work; he had answers to every question of mine. He played incredible tennis.

– What components of the game has Daniil improved lately?

– He has improved pretty much everything. As I remember the last time we played was at US Open 2018. He improved his forehand I would say 100 %, he improved his first serve especially percentage-wise. Yeah, I think he is ​ confident right now; he is playing great and showing unbelievable tennis.

– It seems to me when you were playing softly you did well and you started to play more aggressive you made more unforced errors. What do you think on that?

– Nothing was fine today (laughter). In either ways it was not fine. He forced me to do mistakes.​ When I was rallying, I would make a mistake, that’s true. Again, he was forcing me to make a mistake. Yesterday I was not making as many mistakes, that’s why I say he was the one forcing me to do the error because I was feeling like he wasn’t going to miss and I would try and do something more, and it just didn’t work.

– What do you think of the show today, what do you think of the dance performance?

– It was great, really. I have to be honest, I was not really focused on that, I was more thinking what happened in the match and why did he beat me so badly. But I was also watching the show and it was great – I’ve never seen at a tennis tournament that something like this happens, so thank you very much to the tournament for that.

– You’ve played four matches in four days and were really tough. What was your physical shape before today’s match and did you renewed?

​ – To be honest, I felt the worst after the first match, and then I kind of got used to it. And on to this morning, I didn’t feel any pain in my body; I was really fit, I was happy to play and I was really happy with the fact I was healthy while I was playing these kind of matches – I think I was playing seven hours of tennis in the last three days, which I haven’t done for a very long time. So I was thinking about it this morning that it’s a really good fact that I’m healthy after seven hours of tennis in 72 hours, or something like that.

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