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28.10.2021, 17:35 #Interview #News #Best

The Russian Aslan Karatsev fell to the Australian John Millman (№ 57 ATP) in his opening match at St. Petersburg Open 2021 losing in straight sets – 3/6, 2/6. After the match Aslan explained to the press the reason for his defeat.


Today during your match against John Millman there was a feeling especially closer to the end that emotional and physical weariness was taking its toll on you. Is that true?


Yes, absolutely. I began the match quite well – 3/1 and then I stopped doing the footwork that I did in the first set. Because of that I succumbed to negative thoughts and stopped fighting for every point.


What do you think could be done to stop that, overcome your emotions and restrain your feelings?


Get over the fact that the game is not going the way I wanted. I stopped moving the way that I wanted. My legs froze and negative thoughts washed over me.


As you admitted that you are tired, how will you rebuild yourself?


Tomorrow I am flying to Paris (to Rolex Masters), so I will have a few days of pause before the tournament to prepare.



Do you think your weariness is related to the tight schedule, because you have just won a title at the Kremlin Cup? And is this weariness just physical or emotional as well?


I think, it is both. I did not expect that I will be in perfect shape at the end of October, but I had to follow my plan, fight for every point and positively build up for the game. And although I was unable to pull off the strategy that I have set for the game I still should not have let negativity stop me.


What were the strengths of your opponent? He played a very good match.


Yes, he played well at the start and at the end. He made fewer unforced errors, he served pretty well and moved around a lot.


Yesterday when Andrey Rublev spoke about Russia’s team for the Davis Cup he said that you are the best doubles player of all Russians. So the question is – whom you would want to play doubles with?


I think it will be decided on the court, when we practice. We will start practicing from 21st and then we will see how well prepared is everyone. I can’t say anything about it, this is for the team to decide.


Can you tell us about the coaching staff that you are working with?


Luis Lopez is my fitness coach, I have been working with him for 3 years now. Ad Egor Yatsyk is my tennis coach, I am going to Paris with him and I was with him in America and at the other Russian tournaments. I hope we will continue working together.

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