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19.09.2018, 03:55 #News
  • Tell us, please, what went wrong during your match against Jan-Lennard Struff? What could you have done to get a different result?
  • I think I could not do almost nothing with the way he played. I would say that it was just bad luck. The only moment I could change something was when the score was 4/4 and it was the second serve, but I did not return it. After that there were no chances during the tie-break when just a couple of points made the difference and the match was over.
  • Your match was quick – rallies didn’t last long, there were like a couple of strokes I each rally. However, Daniil Medvedev said that the court is slow for him. What would you say about surface?
  • We had different opponents. If Daniil had played against Struff, they would not have had long rallies either.  Jan-Lennard is a player who doesn’t let you feel the rhythm of the game. He puts in his first serve at 215 km/h and after that goes for a winner, kinda hit-or-miss approach – just not to play long rallies. He knows that if he plays long rallies, he will have fewer chances to win. If we speak about Daniil’s opponent, we have to say that Sousa is a player who prefers long rallies and lkke to dictate the point. We cannot compare these players.
  • Tell us, please, about playing doubles with Denis Shapovalov. Who came up with the idea to play doubles together? Will you continue to play doubles in the next tournaments?
  • I think that we played well. Maybe the final score is due to the fact that we played together for the first time. We both were afraid of letting down each other. Perhaps, I was afraid more than he was and it resulted in some stupid mistakes. But still I think that we played well. I would even say that we played better than they did. If I had more confidence and our team were more cohesive, we would have had an opportunity to win this match. I want to play with Denis in the next tournaments. We both decided to play together during some tournaments. At the beginning of the year his coach asked if it was possible to play doubles at some tournaments. During the mid-season when I was coming off an injury, I remembered this conversation we had, so we decided to play together.

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