On March 21st, 2017, in The Rossiya Theatre on Pushkinskaya Square, Moscow, the 5th prize giving of the national award “Event of The Year– 2016” took place. This was the largest professional event award in Russia. The international tennis tournament WTA St. Petersburg Ladies Trophy 2016 has become the winner in the category “The Best Art Direction and Production of Event in 2016”.


This year, there were 30 categories and 240 nominees. The most professional event management companies presented their biggest achievements of the previous year, like city carnivals, private parties, music festivals, business forums, corporate events, fashion shows, car presentations, etc.

The International Tennis Tournament WTA St. Petersburg Ladies Trophy 2016 was short-listed for 3 prizes (The Best Sporting Event, The Best Video Production, and The Best Art Direction) and left all the 240 rivals trailing far behind. The honorary jury stated that the WTA St. Petersburg Ladies Trophy Tournament 2016 was organized by the leading representatives of the event management market (Event Production and Management Center #Fulfillyourdreams and media design studio Radugadesign), which are partners to Formula Tennis Hockey.

The tournament won in the category “The Best Art Direction and Production of Event in 2016”. The very much expected “Cristal Globe,” which symbolizes conquering the world of emotions, and a certificate was awarded to its planners, the Event Production and Management Center #Fulfillyourdreams and its event director Eva Gabulova, as well as Formula Tennis Hockey Company and its chief executives Vladimir Kamelson and Natalia Kamelson.

The expert board of this national award gathered together representatives of the largest event customers, respected artists, media personalities, and well-recognized guru of entertainment and event management. This year jury was made up of Andrei Boltenko, the chief director of Channel One Russia and director of the Olympic Games in Sochi, Viktor Gusev, the sportscaster of Channel One Russia, Anton Kamolov, the marketing communications director of EMG, Juliana Slascheva, the Ex-CEO of STS-Media, Natalia Sindeeva, general manager of the TV Rain channel, and others (60 jury members in total).

The sportscaster of Channel One Russia, Viktor Gusev, and the radio host of Sport FM, Emma Gadzhieva, gave the award for “The Best Sport Event of The Year.” The prize was presented to the largest e-sport tournament Epicenter Moscow: Dota 2. Media design studio Radugadesign (visual partners of The International Tennis Tournament WTA St. Petersburg Ladies Trophy 2016) won the first prize in the category “The Best Video Production of The Year” for their American project for hockey team Chicago Blackhawks Projection Show.

Annual national award “Event of The Year” is the major professional prize of the event industry in Russia. This year ceremony was the fifth in a row. Nowadays, businesses and organizations consider “Event of The Year” award to be a major proof of the high-quality services provided by the agency.

The founders of the most expected high society celebration in the event marketing industry have set themselves a mission to define the most successful representatives of this business area. These companies create the most bright, effective, booming, and high-quality events in Russia. The award was established on the initiative of Zhanna Vasenina, the editor-in-chief of the magazine.

“National award “Event of The Year” is the absolutely unique phenomenon in the event industry, – said Zhanna Vasenina. – We envisioned this award as a center of attraction for the best events in the market during the year. The project of Tournament WTA St. Petersburg Ladies Trophy 2016 has become a heavy favorite among the jury members. It has a powerful secret of success. Thanks to projects like this, we can define the notion of “art events”. And it is not only about creativity or idea; it is about creating an absolutely new experience.  In my opinion, the Formula Tennis Hockey and #Fulfillyourdreams’ teams have managed to produce such an event masterpiece. Besides, in terms of the results, they have organized a really effective event, caught the public attention, promoted the tournament at the international level, and made athletes from all over the world fall in love with it. The referees were endeared with the humanistic side of this sport. At the end, the tournament has emphasized the femininity of its participants. This is probably the most important thing. Watch this show. It deserves to be an example of event creation”.

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